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Chewbotcca is a multi-purpose, semi-functional, almost always online discord bot!

Prefix: %^ Library: discordrb

olivia (chew)#4302


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Chewbotcca is a multi-purpose bot full of useful commands.

Chewbotcca is home to 58 commands (and growing!). Here are some useful commands you might enjoy:

%^ban & %^prune - Here is just a few moderation commands. There are plans to add more so stay tuned!

%^sinfo & %^uinfo & %^cinfo - These commands give info on servers, users, and channels! You can mention a user or put their ID to get any user's stats!

%^binfo - Mention a bot and get info on a bot on the discord bot list! This is brought to you by my own ruby library for the discord bot list, dblruby.

%^mcstatus - Find the status of a minecraft server!

%^define - Defines a word!

%^youtube - Find a youtube video by search term! Try %^youtube died in a tornado hey look it's my video!

and so many more commands!


As well as Chewbotcca, I've made many things like the TRBMB Generator, which even has a command in the bot! %^trbmb

I try to work on other projects as well as Chewbotcca, this is my main discord bot!

What about some more info?

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Chewbotcca is a discord bot written with discordrb.

The help server is available here: Join the bot help server

Command list can be found with %^help, use %^info command to find more info.

I will update this as we get along, but currently Chewbotcca is finna woke. I'm learning though stay with me.

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