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cat, a multipurpose bot with music, moderation, and games

Prefix: c! Library:


Looking for a well-rounded bot that can do almost anything? Cat may be able to fulfill your needs. Some of the features included: * High-quality audio player with a custom playlist system (YouTube, SoundCloud, Shoutcast/Icy/http streams, Vimeo, Bandcamp...) * Mod tools * Reaction roles * Starboard * Custom image-based welcome messages for new members * Casino games with a global economy system * A watching system for your server that reports when anything changes (server joins, leaves, role changes, message deletions or edits) * Reaction-based raffle/giveaway * and much more as new commands are added frequently... Cat is based on Red-DiscordBot's new rewrite. I welcome feedback as I am the dev for the audio module. Requests for new features are also welcomed (but will take a back seat to new audio improvements being written first). Cat will never cost money to use and will have as close to a 100% uptime as possible. Use c!help to get started once you've invited him. You can also set your own prefix for the bot with the c!set serverprefix command.