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Godavaru is a discord bot dedicated to making your life a little bit easier and keeping you and your members occupied.

Prefix: g_ Library: discord.py



Godavaru is a discord bot aiming to make your experience on discord a lot smoother. It has many features, including fun commands, moderation commands, informative commands, and more!~

Command Categories

Action - A group of commands that are used to do actions on your friends. Most even have flashy gifs 👀 (powered by weeb.sh)

Currency - A self explanatory group of commands that implements the idea of money! It includes marriage, items, mining, reputation, and more!

Fun - A group of commands purely to have fun. This includes games, random facts, random generators, and more images (supplied by weeb.sh)

Info - The more informative commands, getting the changelog, info on a user, role or your server, an invite link, getting a user's avatar, and more!

Mod - Self explanatory, this group has moderation commands, ranging from the typical ban and kick all the way to adding a role to a user.

NSFW - Also self explanatory, this is a group of commands for the lewdies out there 👀 (only usable in NSFW channels)

Settings - A self explanatory group used for changing the settings of your server. Here, you can change your welcome messages, prefix, logging channel, and more!

Utils - Lastly, we have a utility section. This is more of a random category, used for searching something on urbandictionary, choosing something, getting a larger version of an emoji, and more


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