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What is SIVA?

SIVA is a Discord bot. That much should be obvious. The name SIVA came from the game Destiny, in the Rise of Iron DLC addon. **The SIVA developers do not own the logo, it is owned by Bungie. The main goal of SIVA is to be the best bot it can be, with my limited knowledge of C# and Discord.NET. I (Greem) started the SIVA rewrite (from Python to C#) early February 2018, and have been going ever since.

The source code is available, hack at it to your heart's content; however, the SIVA developers will offer no support if you do this, and more importantly, no warranty - we cannot be held liable for any damage.

Want to invite the bot(s)?

Invite SIVA

SIVA-public By default, this has the Administrator permission checked. Keep this if you're using moderation, you should keep it checked.

SIVA-dev is <b>not</b> obtainable for public servers, it's used primarily for debugging.


Why should I join the Discord server?

  • Error Reporting

  • Memes

  • Consistent bot update messages

  • Chat with the developers

  • ask us coding questions

and more!

Link is embedded in the header of this message.

Is there a Discord server for the bot?


Where is the wiki for the bot?

You can access it by running the help command. Alternatively, it's on Ultz's Confluence server. Click here. You can use the GitHub wiki, but it will not be updated as much, since Confluence is SO nice to work in.

Where can I report issues with the bot?

Report them on GitHub for now. I'm going to setup something on Ultz's server for issue handling. Once you make the issue, join our Discord and ping me. Greem#1337

What do the errors mean?

Failed to parse Boolean - That command can only have true or false passed in as a command argument.

Failed to parse Int - That command can only take numbers in as a command argument. If you pass in too big of a number, then it'll yell at you.

The input text had too many parameters - If you passed in something like text with spaces and got this, join the SIVA Discord Server and report it, along with the command you tried. I forgot the [Remainder] string property.

Some errors have custom text. If you find an error, and don't know what it means, report it on the SIVA server. Include the command and the arguments provided.

Any other questions?

Ask them on the SIVA Discord server