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Hatsune Miku

A multipurpose bot for Discord with anime stuff, moderation, music and more!

Prefix: m% Library: discord.js


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Hatsune Miku

A multipurpose bot for Discord with anime stuff, moderation, music and more! Do m%help for commands!

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Loads of fun and useful commands

HQ Music that supports YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and more!

Moderation commands to help protect your server

Active and helpful support

Fast and has a high uptime


Command Category Usage Description
help Other m%help <category name or nothing>

Gives you a list of commands in Discord

invite Other m%invite

Gives you the invite for the bot

support Other m%support

Gives you the support server link

patreon Other m%patreon

Gives you the patreon link for the bot

stats Other m%stats

Tells you the bot stats

ping Other m%ping

Tells you the bot ping

feedback Other m%feedback <feedback>

Give feedback about the bot!

play Music m%play <query or url> Play a video from many different sources (by default, the bot searches youtube but can play from other sites)
stop Music m%stop Stop music playback
volume Music m%volume <number> Change the music volume (Max 150)
pause Music m%pause Pause the music
resume Music m%resume Resume the music
clapify Fun (text) m%clapify <text> Clapify your text!
eyeify Fun (text) m%eyeify <text>

Eyeify your text!

trumptweet Fun (text) m%trumptweet <text>

Make trump tweet something!

clyde Fun (text) m%clyde <text>

Make clyde say something!

tiny Fun (text) m%tiny <text>

Make your text tiny!

leet Fun (text) m%leet <text>

Convert text to leet speak!

pirate Fun (text) m%pirate <text>

Convert text to pirate speak!

 cat Fun (image)  m%cat   Get a random cat image 
dog Fun (image) m%dog Get a random dog image
penguin Fun (image) m%penguin Get a random penguin image
panda Fun (image) m%panda Get a random panda image
redpanda Fun (image) m%redpanda Get a random red panda image
tiger Fun (image) m%tiger Get a random tiger image
lion Fun (image) m%lion Get a random lion image
duck Fun (image) m%duck Get a random duck image
lizard Fun (image) m%lizard  Get a random lizard image
dadjoke Fun (jokes) m%dadjoke Get a random dadjoke
yomomma Fun (jokes) m%yomomma Get a random Yo Momma joke
chucknorris Fun (jokes) m%chucknorris Get a random Chuck Norris joke
coinflip Fun (other) m%coinflip Flip a coin!
rps Fun (other) m%rps Play rock paper scissors with the bot!
8ball Fun (other) m%8ball <text> Ask the 8ball a question!
emojilist Utility (discord) m%emojilist List all the emoji in the server!
avatar Utility (discord) m%avatar <user mention or nothing> Find a Discord user avatar
userinfo Utility (discord) m%userinfo <user mention or nothing> Find Discord user info
botinfo Utility (discord) m%botinfo <user mention or nothing> Find Discord bot info from Discord Bot List
guildinfo Utility (discord) m%guildinfo Find Discord guild info
anime Utility (other) m%anime <anime name> Search Kitsu for an anime!
manga Utility (other) m%manga <manga name> Find Discord guild info
ban Moderation m%ban <user mention> Ban a user!
unban Moderation m%unban <user mention> Unban a user!
kick Moderation m%kick <user mention> Kick a user!
purge Moderation m%purge <number of messages> Purge the server chat!
pat Weeb (action) m%pat <user mention> Pat someone!
lick Weeb (action) m%lick <user mention> Lick someone!
kiss Weeb (action) m%kiss <user mention>  Kiss someone!
slap Weeb (action) m%slap <user mention> Slap someone!
poke Weeb (action) m%poke <user mention> Poke someone!
awooify Weeb (action) m%awooify <user mention or nothing> Awooify your avatar or someone elses!
neko Weeb (image) m%neko Get a random neko image!
lovelive Weeb (image)  m%lovelive Get a random love live gif! 
konosuba Weeb (image) m%konosuba Get a random konosuba gif!
k-on Weeb (image) m%k-on Get a random k-on gif!
miku Weeb (image) m%miku Get a random miku wallpaper
rin Weeb (image) m%rin Get a random rin wallpaper
luka Weeb (image) m%luka Get a random luka wallpaper
meiko Weeb (image) m%meiko Get a random meiko wallpaper
katio Weeb (image) m%katio Get a random katio wallpaper
gumi Weeb (image) m%gumi Get a random gumi wallpaper
teto Weeb (image) m%teto Get a random teto wallpaper
diva Weeb (image) m%diva Get a random project diva wallpaper
ddlc Weeb (image) m%ddlc Get a random ddlc wallpaper
takagi Weeb (image) m%takagi Get a random takagi wallpaper
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