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Automatically bans or warns about people who are known for advertising, spamming, raiding or impersonating

Prefix: b; Library: Discord4J

! craftxbox#4738

b;about = Shows info about the bot. Usage: b;about.
b;help = Shows a list of commands or help with a specific command. Usage: b;help .
b;userinfo = Gets info on a user. Usage: b;userinfo .
b;invite = Returns the bot's invite URL. Usage: b;invite.
b;report = Reports a user to be banned in the GlobalBans system. Usage: b;report , User requires kick permission.
b;whitelist = Whitelists a user banned in the GlobalBans system to join this server. Usage: b;whitelist , User requires kick permission.
b;setnotifychannel = Sets the channel that GlobalBans will use to send notifications to. Usage: b;setnotifychannel, Run this in the channel you want to set to.
b;togglewarnonly = Toggles wether the bot should ban or only send notification. Usage: b;togglewarnonly, User requires manage channels permission.
b;togglebandetect = Toggles the bot to send a message when you ban someone. Usage: b;togglebandetect, User requires manage channels permission.