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A multi-purpose bot with commands for moderation, fun, random stuff and more

Prefix: s. Library: Guilds: 80


Sownar, a multi-purpose discord bot!

About the bot:

Sownar is a bot coded in by Waba#8929 and actively maintained and worked on to make it up to date and functionning 24/7

Some main features:

  1. Server moderation
  2. Games
  3. Giveaways
  4. Server information
  5. And much more!

General Commands:

Command name What it does Brings up a help menu for the bot Brings up bot's latency
s.uptime Brings up the bot's uptime
s.stats Brings up the bot's statistics

Moderation Commands:

Command name What it does
s.mute Mute a given user
s.kick Kick a given user
s.ban Bans a given user
s.softban Softbans a given user
s.unmute Unmute a given user
s.unban Unban a given user
s.clear Clears a given amount of messages

Utility Commands:

Command name What it does
s.serverinfo Gets information on the server
s.userinfo Gets information on a given user
s.permissions Gets a given user's permissions on the server
s.getid Gets a given user's ID
s.setprefix Set a custom server prefix