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A community focused bot for gaming and other voice channel based servers. MagiBot includes unique commands like custom join sounds, a queue with optional muting for events like karaoke, salt reporting, and ranking.

Prefix: k. Library: discord.js Guilds: 1,731


MagiBot is a bot that has some features to build communities no other bot has.

Features include:

- custom join sounds for users, active only for whitelisted voice channels
- event queue command to queue users for taking turns in order (e.g. for karaoke nights) with step by step setup process (also supports automatic un/muting in voice channel)
- salt report, ranking, and SaltKing role (serves as statistic of whos the saltiest player)
- intuitive voting based on reactions with step by step setup process
- dice rolling using DnD standard (e.g. 1d6+3)
- blacklisting users from using the bot
- whitelisting channels the bot is allowed to be used in: keeps chats clear
- many more to come!

use k: as prefix for admin commands, by default anyone with administrative permission is considered admin