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A general purpose, open-source Cryptocurrency Discord Bot.

Prefix: !butler Library: discord.js


# CryptoButler [![Status](https://BANNED-LINK/api/widget/status/395189067719114752.svg?noavatar=true)](https://BANNED-LINK/bot/395189067719114752) [![Servers](https://BANNED-LINK/api/widget/servers/395189067719114752.svg?noavatar=true)](https://BANNED-LINK/bot/395189067719114752) [![Discord](https://img.shields.io/discord/451786133156790275.svg?style=flat-square)](https://discord.gg/2VBKbEH) [![License](https://img.shields.io/github/license/oyed/cryptobutler.svg?style=flat-square)](https://github.com/oyed/cryptobutler/blob/master/LICENSE) A general purpose Cryptocurrency Discord Bot. Feel free to [vote for the Bot on DiscordBots](https://BANNED-LINK/bot/395189067719114752/vote) if you enjoy using it. Need help? Found an issue? [Join us on Discord.](https://discord.gg/2VBKbEH) ## Commands Commands must be prefixed with `!butler`. See below for examples. ### `price` Use the `price` command to fetch stats from CoinMarketCap. ``` !butler price btc !butler price stellar !butler price nano ``` ### `convert` Converts `to` in to `from`. ``` !butler convert 10 btc nano !butler convert 10 ada eth ``` ### `balance` Returns the balance of the given Wallet. Currently supported currencies: - `btc` - `eth` - `tokens` (Returns all ERC-20 Tokens) ``` !butler balance btc 15urYnyeJe3gwbGJ74wcX89Tz7ZtsFDVew !butler balance token 0x57d90b64a1a57749b0f932f1a3395792e12e7055 ``` ### `top` Returns the top `gainers`/`losers` for the given period. Valid periods: - `1h` - `24h` - `7d` ``` !butler top gainers 1h !butler top losers 7d ``` ### `ping` Returns the latency between Discord and the Bot. ``` !butler ping ``` ### `help` Prints out Help & Usage text for the Butler. E.g. ``` !butler help ``` ## Development ### Requirements - PostgreSQL - NodeJS (8+) ### Environment Variables CryptoButler uses `dotenv` for Env Var management. Copy the `.env.example` file to `.env` and use the guide below to fill out the variables: - `DISCORD_TOKEN` - Your Discord Bot Token, found [here](https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me). - `DISCORDBOTS_TOKEN` [Optional] - Your DiscordBots.org API Key, used to inform DiscordBots of the Server Count. - `ETHPLORER_TOKEN` - Your Ethplorer.io API Key. This can be left as `freekey`. - `COMMAND_PREFIX` - The prefix that all Commands must be prefixed with. - `CRYPTO_UPDATE_INTERVAL` - The milliseconds between querying CMC for new Cryptocurrencies. - `INFO_UPDATE_INTERVAL` - The milliseconds between querying CMC for all market data. - `POSTGRESQL_*` - Your PostgreSQL config. ### Migrations CryptoButler uses Migrations to make sure Database Integrity is maintained. Before developing with CryptoButler, you'll want to make sure you run the migrations via the following command: ``` npm run migrate ``` Additionally, this command should be run after every deployment to make sure your Database is up-to-date. ## Donations NANO: xrb_1oyed1fzw688ahrg8yy73tya5fnj7xqigttkwmdh36edk5hfknbd6uu548h8