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voidbot is a multi-purpose Python (now JS) bot with a lot to offer!

Prefix: vb! Library: discord.js

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voidbot is a multipurpose, under-development Discord bot, developed by void#0038.

Feature List voidbot is constantly being added onto and improved upon; here's a list of features (self-explanatory features that every bot on this bot list has, ie: ping, won't be included in this list, but at the bottom, instead):
- date : View the current date and time.
- invite : Invite voidbot.
- cat : Display a random cat from random.cat.
- dog : Display a random dog from random.dog.
- neko : Display a random neko from nekos.life.
- programmerjoke : Using the pyjokes module, display a random progammer joke.
- lewdneko : (ONLY WORKS IN CHANNELS MARKED AS NSFW) Displays a random lewd neko from nekos.life.
- stats : Displays bot statistics.
- members : Gives a guild's total member count.
- coffee : Displays a random cup of coffee from coffee.alexflipnote.xyz.

Extra, self-explanatory, features:
- ping : Displays bot response time.
- help : Displays the help list.