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ESO Assistant

A Bot with info about The Elder Scrolls Online.

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ESO Assistant (Alpha Phase) A Bot with info about The Elder Scrolls Online. Yes !help Menues !help - Help Menu !admin - Admin Menu !raid - Trial Menu !ranks - Auto Ranks !addons - Add On Menu !fun - Fun Command Menu - with Music !race - race info and passives !support - For ESO Assistant !esostars - Awesome youtubers !msg - How to set up Welcome and Guest !ESO Commands !invite - Creates a Discord Invite link !Pledges - Tells you the Pledges of the day !Golden - Tells you what Golden is Selling this week !luxury - Tells you what the Luxury Vender is Selling this week !weekly - Tells you the Trial of the week !lb Name - will show your scores for your whole account !lbc character name - will show your scores for your character !Server - Shows the server status !set - Shows the bonuses of Sets !ttc - Pulls the top 5 items from !skill- pulls up a searched skill !quest - pulls up a searched quest !addons Pics for Trial Positions & Info !pen - Shows Pen Sets !vMoL - Positions !vMoLrun - Shows Runner paths !vHRC - Posistions to be healed !vHRChm - gargoyle order !vSO - Manty Postions !vSO2 - Ozara Choices for tanks !vHoF - For finishing Assembly General !vAS - + Positions !vAA - Varlariel !Fun !FlipCoin - Returns "Heads" or "Tails" !roll - Rolls a Number 1 10 - 1 1000 !dadjoke - Tells you a random Dad joke !woof - Random Dog Pic !meow - Random Cat Pic !gif - Random Gif !urban - urban dictionary word pull up !dadjoke - Random Dad Joke! !8ball - Ask it a question !meme - Pulls a Random Meme Gif !youtube - Search up a youtube video to watch on Discord. !level - Tells you your Discord Level (Chat 4 Levels) Levels shared across all servers the bot is in Music Bot Commands !Play (Song) - Finds the Song on Youtube !Skip - Skips a Song !Stop - Stops the song and the bot leaves *"Must be in a voice channel to play tunes" Usefull Bot Commands !Help - Lists available commands !invite - Creates a Discord Invite link !poll - 2 Answer Poll (Yes or No) (Thumbs up and Down) !poll4 - A 4 Question poll (A. B. C. D. before the Answers) Great ESO youtubers! !Kevduit !Deltia !Alcast !Gilliamtherogue !Woeler !Dottz !Ninja614 !FearTurbo !Mapurr !helpadmin !prune - +A Number of Messages to Delete PM - Your message and it PMs everyone !announce - send a announcment to announcments channel !say - Talk as the bot Commands are added to the Bot Menu more regularly then here! Check there for more currant info! Yes