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The Swiss Army Knife Of Bots

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The Swiss Army Knife Of Bots! This bot is a multi-functional bot that can do anything from moderation, including banning, kicking and warning as well as logging those events into a desirable channel. This bot can also do other moderation commands, such as slowmode, using Discord's API. It also has commands for stuff, such as getting stats from Fortnite including your K.D, win percentage and so on. This bot also has a customizable shop, reaction roles, No lag, high quality audio and a starboard. It also has stuff like stream alerts, whichs allows you to set to a channel to announce when streams go live from many services such as Twitch and Mixer. There is much more this bot can do, invite it to see For Server Owners Make sure to use the ]set adminrole and ]set modrole to your admins and mods to give them more access to moderation bot commands"