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A cleverbot-like speech imitator bot.

Prefix: -- Library: discord.py Guilds: 1,079


How to start:
When Eve is first invited to your server, you can immediately talk to her through the use of the --say <TEXT> command, that allows you to send messages directly. However, you can assign a specific channel that Eve will reply to Every message in. You can do this by typing --assign <#CHANNEL>. A few people seemed to get confused here, but <#CHANNEL> must be mentioning a channel.

All available commands are listed below. For details, use --help COMMAND.
Information: --help, --server, --servers, --invite, --ping
Utility: --avatar, --avatarlink, --calculate <EQUATION>
Chatbot: --say, --recognise, --count USER, --leaderboard <PAGE>
Administration: --prefix, --purge <AMOUNT>, --assign <CHANNEL MENTION>, --unassign
Meow: --meow, --mew, --honk, --8ball, --boris