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A multipurpose bot with 60+ diverse commands.

Prefix: m. Library: discord.js

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## What's the purpose of this bot? It's meant to add some fun qualities to your discord server by adding over 60+ (about to be 70!) diverse commands, being as clean as it can to avoid clutter while it's at it. ## What are these qualities? - Google and Google Images searching - Image Manipulation (WIP, very stable) - Youtube Searching - Gelbooru, Rule34 and e621 + their (if exists) SFW counterpart(s) searching - Reddit Searching - Music commands - Translating - Assigning, unassigning and creating roles - And much more ## How can I see these commands? The standard help page ( is a reaction menu. If you want to navigate to any of these pages, you have to type out and click any of the reactions it adds to it's own message. * 🏠: Takes you to the main help page. * 🍆: Commands that have NSFW themes. (Channel must be marked as 18+ for the commands to work) * 🐔: The opposite of 🍆 and has nothing worse than suggestive themes. * 🎉: Commands that have the purpose to entertain. * 🔊: Commands that play/manage music. * 🔎: Commands that help you moderate your server. * 👥: Commands that don't fit in with the other help pages. * ⏩: Takes you through all of the pages. There's also a full list of every command if you click the "GitHub" button. ## Are there any preview images?