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Crafty focuses on everything Minecraft such as: getting username history, finding player skins, view information about Java and Bedrock edition servers, trivia, Minecraft account linking, automatic posting of Minecraft news, snapshots and releases, Hypixel WynnCraft & HiveMC player info and more!

Prefix: / or @Crafty (Customizable) Library: discord.js Guilds: 20,770


Crafty bot information

Crafty is a feature rich Minecraft Discord bot built to provide quality information and fun. Using Crafty you can:


Website | Invite Link | Support Server


Bellow is a list of all usable commands, to get more information about Crafty's commands you can use the /help command when you have invited Crafty to a Discord server.


The Informational category contains commands that provide information, statistics and news.

colorcodes, mcseen, news, checkname, latest, namehistory, profile, server, serverpe, status, uuid, version


The Servers category contains commands for various Minecraft server such as Hypixel, WynnCraft and HiveMC.

hive, boosters, hypixelstats, hypixel, hypixelwds, wynncraft


The Images category contains commands that provide images for Minecraft skins, achievements and colours.

achievement, rcolour, render, avatar, skin, skull


The Fun category contains commands that provide entertainment, trivia and mini games.

tntsweeper, fact, kill, pvp, quiz, rps


The Miscellaneous category contains commands that provide information about Crafty and how to use Crafty.

aliases, credits, feedback, help, invite, ping, stats, tutorial, vote, whatsnew


The Configurable category contains commands that provide a level customization for Crafty, options for various automated features and linking for Minecraft usernames and servers.

account, autopost, blacklist, configuration, prefix, setserver

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