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Stop self-botting, quote messages the legal way.

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Stop self-botting, quote messages the legal way

If you always wanted to quote user messages without getting in trouble for it, then Quote is what you need. Other than modifying your discord client, you can make a bot to do it for you without any issues.


q!help - shows the help message.

q!quote - the base bot's command, all explained further below.

How to use?

Quoting a message works the following way: type a command in chat, followed by an argument of a message ID which you want to quote. It does not matter to which channel a message belongs to, as long as it's in the same server it will be quoted. Example: q!quote 426100904874213387

Donators also have access to globally quoting messages from different servers (as long as Quote bot is in those servers). The usage should be the following: type a command in chat, followed by a server ID, and then followed by a message ID that you want to quote. Example: q!globalquote 439527213252594752 455849361448894490

You can get the message ID the following way: Go to User Settings -> Appearance -> enable Developer Mode. Then you can rightclick the message (hold on mobile) and copy it's ID.

You can also leave a comment/reply to the quoted message by leaving your own message right after quoting it. Example: q!quote 426100904874213387 You don't have to run away from me...

What messages are supported?

• Normal message with content, sent either by a normal user or any different bot.

• Embed's color depends on the message author's color in the server by roles.

• Message containing an image as an attachment will also be quoted, but if there are more than 1 images in the message then only the first image will be quoted (discord's limitations).

• Rich Embed messages will not be quoted, and there will never be plans to add support for them.

Why choose this bot over other quoting bots?

If trying to not accidentally(x1) insult other bots, Quote can also be hard to accidentally(x2) trigger as a command, due to the fact that it's hard to accidentally(x3) trigger it's unique prefix, so you don't have to be afraid of triggering a bot just by talking normally with your friends.