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Just your personal DJ. Plays many video sources including live broadcasts. NOW FEATURING FAVORITE VIDEOS

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DJ is yet another bot that plays music in your voice channel while you play games or whatever. DJ supports many sources including but not limited to YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud and more! With the new favorites list you can keep track of all your favorite videos for easy access. Inviting me is easy just press the invite button above!

Command Description
~help Shows this list
~play [query] Queues up music
~stop Stops all songs
~skip Skips the current song
~volume [1-100] Sets the player volume
~repeat Repeats the queue
~queue Shows the song queue
~shuffle Shuffles the song queue
~remove Removes a song from the queue
~search Shows search results for a title
~seek Seeks a certain amount of seconds
~np Shows what is currently playing
~lofi Plays Lofi livestream
~monstercat Plays Monstercat livestream