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For Music, PIXIV, Reddit, 9GAG, Moderations, Translator, and more to come

Prefix: n> and customizeable for music Library:


# Nano-Bot
Music Bot, with simple easy to use mods commands, translate_to feature and some fun image commands(PIXIV, Reddit, 9GAG)


Check updates on Change Log Here
Command Function
rwtf n>rwtf , /r/wtf
memes n>memes , /r/memes
pxv n>pxv (key_words) , to search illustrations from pixiv
pxv_user n>pxv_user (Key_words) , to search Pixiv's users based on key_words
fgo n>fgo , get fgo from pixiv
illust n>illust, to get recommended illustrations from pixiv
manga n>manga, to get recommended manga from pixiv
novel n>novel, to get recommended novel from pixiv
lenny n>lenny, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
flip n>flip, flip coins
s n>s (keywords), search by keywords from youtube, for song selections
p n>p (youtube_link/entry_number/Key_word)
play n>play (youtube_link/entry_number/Key_word)
s_limit n>s_limit 5, change search limit to 5 entries, default: 10 entries
playlist n>playlist, shows available entries (last search result)
skip n>skip, skip current playing song
summon n>summon, summon Nano-bot to voice channel
leave n>leave, stops playing music. clears queue and playlist. reset prefix. and leaves voice channel
volume n>volume 50, change volume to 50%. default volume: 25%
music_prefix n>music_prefix $, change prefix from n> to $. 'ONLY MUSIC COMMANDS'
anime 9gag's anime and manga section
comic 9gag's comic section
savage 9gag's savage section
wtf 9gag's wtf section
kpop 9gag's Kpop section
cosplay 9gag's cosplay section
gif n>gif (tag_name), n>gif anime to get anime gif
translate n>translate (words), to translate
translate_to n>translate_to, to change translates dest
translate_from not recommended. by default, its attempts to detect the source language
info n>info @user, gets user's info
serverinfo gets server's info
ping returns nano-bot's ping
add_role adds role to member
rm_role removes role from member
c_text creates new text channel
c_voice creates new voice channel
c_category creates new category
ban ban users
kick kick users
mute mute users
unmute unmute users
clear clear messages, number must be in range 2 - 100
-> Full commands guide, Check it on Wiki

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