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This Is A Bot Created In Discord.js By RGxRAJAT

Prefix: & Library: discord.js

R4A ϟ• Inspirus 🇮🇳#0808

HELP COMMAND IS &help MODERATOR COMMANDS 1st-&ban Use = "&ban @user reason" 2nd-&kick Use = "&kick @user reason" 3rd-&warn Use = "&warn @user reason" 4th-&tempmute Use = "&tempmute @user 10s" 5th-&unban Use = "&unban @user reason" FUN COMMANDS 1st-&punch Use = "&punch @user" 2nd-&smack Use = "&smack @user" 3rd-&coinflip Result = "Shows Heads Or Tails" 4th-&meme Result = "Shows A Meme" 5th-&say Use = "&say hello" Reply = "hello" NSFW COMMANDS 1st-&nsfw To See Nsfw Imaages And Give Only Works In NSFW CHANNEL 2nd-&neko To See Neko Gif Or Images Only Works In NSFW Channel GENERAL COMMANDS 1st-&serverinfo Result-"Gives Info About A Guild" 2nd-&botinfo Result-Give Info About Me 3rd-&serverinvites Result-Shows Invites Of A Guild If Bot Has Permissions 4th-&weather Use- "&weather canada" 5th-&stats Result-To See Bot Process 6th-&userinfo Result Give's Info About User 7th-&serveroles Result Shows Roles In A Server 8th-&serveremoji Result Shows Emoji In A Server 9th-&support TO Join Support Server Thank You, For Reading