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A modular Discord Bot, written in JavaScript and has a lot of commands & features.

Prefix: ^, @mention (customizable) Library: discord.js


Hibiki is a modular Discord Bot, written in JavaScript with a lot of features/commands and has: - Analyzation commands (coolness, dick, gay, gender, spoopy-link, zodiac-sign) - Fun commands (8-ball, cat-facts, choose, discord-fun-facts, dog-facts, fml, insult, math, pun, rate, spin, star, year, shame) - Image editing commands (achievement, baguette, beautiful, captcha, change-my-mind, clyde, did-you-mean, distort, drakeposting, food-broke, glitch, invert, pixelate) - Reputation commands (merit-remove, merit, merits, rep-add, rep-remove, rep-show) - Roleplay commands (cry, cuddle, eat, hug, lick, pat, pout, ship, slap, smug) - Tagging commands (add-tag, delete-tag, tag-info, tag-list-all, tag-list, tag-source, tag) .. and more. Run $help to find out more commands.