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A welcomer bot using webhooks with custom avatar and username

Prefix: -newcommer or mention Library: discord.js Guilds: 333


Newcommer is a bot, that is only made for welcome & goodbye messages for your server using Webhooks, this means you can configure the bot to use a custom avatar & custom username, bot does not post welcome & goodbye messages, the webhook does. (NOTE: bot has recently been created, if there is a bug please contact me immediately) (PLEASE READ THIS: in order for this bot to fully work, you must have these settings ready & setup: channel (setchannel) wmessage or lmessage (wmessage/lmessage) config avatar & username (config avatarURL/username) if you don't have any of these bot won't work. also remember to grant permission "MANAGE_WEBHOOKS") REQUIREMENTS: Bot: "MANAGE_WEBHOOKS" permission (this is needed for creating a webhook) User/activating commands: "MANAGE_GUILD" aka Manage Server permission is needed to use the bot Features: fully custom avatar/usernames auto give roles on join auto give nicknames when users join (With optionable options) message replacements {{user}} || {{user_username}} || {{server}} || {{owner}} || {{members}} || {{humans}} || {{bots}} this bot is not really easy to use, it's a little bit of complex but here's how you can use it: Commands: -newcommer wmessage (message) will set the message when users join, usage: "-newcommer wmessage {{user}} Welcome to {{server}}! Have a great time!" -newcommer lmessage (message) will set the message when user leaves, usage: "-newcommer lmessage {{user_username}} has left :cry: how sad it is." -newcommer setchannel (mention a channel) will set where to send the messages, usage: "-newcommer setchannel #welcome-goodbye" -newcommer config (avatarURL) (Username) configures the webhook used for sending welcome/goodbye messages, usage: "-newcommer config,50 Super Car" Type "-newcommer help" to see all of it's functions it has!