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Bot contains features such as [Moderation, Fun, NSFW, Util, Information, General] commands.

Prefix: ny! Library: discord.js Guilds: 185



¿What is Nydia?

Nydia is a Discord Bot that can power-up your Discord Guild and your creative brain, owo ---. Nydia have moderation, fun, info, developer and many more commands. Why you don't try Nydia? O////O will be amazing.

You can change the Nydia prefix using `ny!prefix ` and you can use `#Nydia8587 prefix` to know the guild prefix, use `about` to know more about the nydia.

Some NYDIA information.

Library: discord.js-commando

Developer: Magikal#6406

sorry if desc is so short, i don't have ideas right now o///w///o