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A Minecraft based economy bot with very unique mechanics and thrilling interface!

Prefix: ! Library: discord.js


This is a very unique Minecraft based economy bot which makes use of the basic principle of the game - mining!It is aimed at being an "economy" bot to change the standard pattern of how bots work. This bot is capable of storing user data on one server and retrieving the same data on another server, so you can carry your progress anywhere around the world(of course, within Discord). The bot uses the discord.js library in conjunction with MongoDB as a database which enables us to store and retrieve data whenever needed to. The main vision of the bot is to provide something fresh to the community and keep them entertained. We strive to make the bot better with regular updates and bug fixes accompanied by maintainance breaks to make sure systems are working fine! We hope to grow this amazing community of gamers on Discord and want to introduce something fresh for the community to enjoy and stay part of.