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Security Bot

Suspicious domain catcher, fake account detector, unwanted advertisement blocker.

Prefix: > (customizable) Library: Custom

LordOf Xen#3249

These days, there are some people which add invite links to their Username. And they are joining our groups from time to time. Joining and leaving. Yes we know it's annoying. And because of that, we made the Security Bot.

After you give some permissions to our bot, it'll do everything automatically. But not only for these people, but it also can block messages which contains a suspicious website. And it can detect some types of fake accounts. And also, you can report a person to let other server owners know. After we verify the report, that person will not be able to send a message in any server (all servers which that user has joined before or after).

We are trying our best to add some new features each passing day. But if you still see the bot as useless, then let us know what we are missing.

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We wouldn't be where we are today without the support from you.

Thanks, Lox Security Bot Team