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KarmaBot gives users a global karma rating depending on the quality of their messages Invite

Prefix: k! Library: discord.js


Are trolls, spammers and userbots mucking up your server?

want defence against them?

Look no further! KarmaBot integrates Reddit's great Karma system into discord.

each user has a global karma score determined by user's reactions to their messages.

bad messages will be "downvoted" and good messages will be "upvoted"

when a message is voted, the user gets their score changed depending on the type of vote, auto-moderating all of discord!

-- Notes --

k!Karma @[user] - returns user's karma

-- Plans --

Working on a web interface so that you can customize what happens when a message/user reaches a certain karma score. (ban, promotion, deletion)

-- Usage --

Just react to any message after the introduction of the bot to change that user's karma score.

-- API --

In development. Coming soon!