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An Islamic Organization bot by GloriousBeliever for learning Islam and helping other Non-Religious. And much more! Check out to know more.

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TheAHMguy No.2#9399

GloriousBot is a bot created by an Islamic organization known as "GloriousBeliever". This bot was originally created for muslim servers to use it. But soon(Insha'Allah) we are planning more on this bot to be used by those who want to convert themselves into Islam. There are more coming on the next update so stay tuned. For the help center or support please Join below: ‍ In order to now more about GloriousBeliever or to join our community Facebook Page: Facebook Group: YouTube: Instagram(Newly created): Discord: ‍ In order to support us Patreon: PayPal: ‍ Donating us $4? Then please don't forget to donate the half of your donation to the creator of this bot PayPal: