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Dad Bot

The ultimate replacement to Dad Bot! (Now with more features than ever!)

Prefix: d! Library: Eris


Dad Bot now has d!embarrass and d!dadjoke we need some ideas for both commands! Come to the support server and suggest us some cool stuff in the channel dad-bot-suggestions!

This is the replacement to the original dad bot, since the original dad bot is no longer working, I decided to create this one! This one has new responses, and an new mode called pasta mode! If you want to enable pasta mode do d!pasta, or if you want to blacklist yourself from its auto responses you can do d!responses. To toggle the entire server use d!serverresponses (toggling sercer wide responses requires administrator permissions). if you have any suggestions let me know in my support server in the channel called suggestions, please say what bot you are making a suggestion for when you are there.