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uwu. RPG Bot.

Prefix: uwu or @uwu#6860 Library: discord.py


uwu is an RPG Bot. uwulonians. From the deepest uwus an uwulonian was born. It is up to you to name your uwu and explore/adventure with him or her! Try to be #1 on leaderboards for a week for special prize!

[] required () optional. For help do uwu help

Main Commands
create Create your uwulonian and start your adventure!
adventure Set your uwulonian out on an adventure to the deepest ends of uwu. DMs when back
explore Make your uwulonian explore. DMs when back
lb (sort) Gets current leaderboard from sort vaild sorts are total_deaths, foes_killed, uwus, and current_xp. If no sort provided does by uwus
stats (user) Gets your or the users stats