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BB-8 is a multipurpose bot with audio, moderation, games and more

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BB-8 can do everything you need for your server. Admin: includes selfrole commands and other admin abilities AdvancedGoogle: b!google Its google, you search with it. Adventure: b!adventure This will send you on an adventure! Discord Text bases RPG, includes character classes and loot Alias: b!alias Manage command aliases. AntiMentionSpam: b!antimentionspam Configuration settings for AntiMentionSpam Audio: Audio commands, do b!help Audio to see them all (supports, livestreams, sound cloud, spotify, youtube and more Autorole: b!autorole Change settings for autorole Battleship: b!battleship Start a game of battleship. b!battleshipset Config options for batteship. b!battleshipstop Stop the game of battleship in this channel. Bigmoji: b!bigmoji Post a large .png of an emoji CardsAgainstHumanity: Classic cards against humanity, use b!help CardsAgainstHumanity to see all commands Casino: Classic casino, gamble your credits away with blackjack, allin and other games Cleanup: b!cleanup Delete messages. Cleverbot: b!cleverbot Talk with cleverbot Color: b!color Group command for color commands CommandChart: b!commandchart See the used commands in a certain channel within a certain amount of messages. Cooldown: b!cooldown Group command for working with cooldowns for commands. Core: b!contact Sends a message to the owner b!info Shows info about Red b!uptime Shows Red's uptime CrabRave: b!crab Make crab rave videos Crier: b!say Echo message into other channel. Emojis and @s work as well. b!shout Writes out message as :regionalindicatorb: :regionalindicatori: :regionalindicatorg: letters into other channel. CustomCommands: b!customcom Custom commands management. Deepfry: b!deepfry Deepfries images. b!nuke Demolishes images. Economy: b!leaderboard Print the leaderboard. b!payday Get some free currency. b!payouts Show the payouts for the slot machine. b!slot Use the slot machine. EmbedMaker: b!embed Embed commands EventMaker: b!event Base command for events b!eventset Event maker settings Evolution: b!evolution EVOLVE THE GREATEST ANIMALS OF ALL TIME!!!! Face: b!face Find and describe the faces in an image. Fun: b!oof react :o2::regionalindicatoro::regionalindicatorf: to a message b!react Add letter(s) as reaction to previous message. b!regional Replace letters with regional indicator emojis b!space Add n spaces between each letter. Ex: [p]space 2 thicc b!textflip Flip given text. b!vowelreplace Replaces all vowels in a word with a letter General: b!8 Ask 8 ball a question. b!choose Choose between multiple options. b!flip Flip a coin... or a user. b!lmgtfy Create a lmgtfy link. b!roll Roll a random number. b!rps Play Rock Paper Scissors. b!stopwatch Start or stop the stopwatch. b!urban Search the Urban Dictionary. Hangman: b!hangman Play hangman with the bot. Image: b!gif Retrieve the first search result from Giphy. b!gifr Retrieve a random GIF from a Giphy search. b!imgur Retrieve pictures from Imgur. Imdb: b!movie Search a movie Imgflip: b!getmemes List memes with names that can be used b!meme Create custom memes from imgflip Insult: b!insult Insult the user Invite: b!invite Send personalized invite for the bot. LastFM: b!lastfm Get statistics of a user. b!nowplaying Shows the current played song Lenny: b!lenny ☞⇀‿↼☞ Leveler: Levler similar in style to Tatsumaki with customizable backgrounds, profile info and more Minesweeper: b!minesweeper Starts a game of minesweeper, with allowing you to choose the number of bombs in it. b!spoilerms Starts a game of minesweeper, with allowing you to choose the number of bombs in it. Mock: b!mock Mock a user with the spongebob meme Mod: b!names Show previous names and nicknames of a user. b!userinfo Show information about a user. ModLog: b!case Show the specified case. b!casesfor Display cases for the specified member. b!reason Specify a reason for a modlog case Monopoly: b!monopoly Play monopoly with 2-8 people. NotSoBot: NotSoBot commands for editing, and making images in discord PartyGames: b!partygames Group command for party games. Penis: b!penis Detects user's penis length Permissions: b!permissions Command permission management tools. PersonalRoles: b!myrole Control of personal role Pingtime: b!pingtime Ping pong. Polling: b!advvotecount gets votes, b!votecount Get's a vote count QuoteTools: b!quote gets (a) message(s) by ID(s) Race: b!race Race related commands. ReTrigger: b!retrigger Setup automatic triggers based on regular expression RoleManagement: b!srole Self assignable role commands RussianRoulette: b!russian Start or join a game of russian roulette. b!russianversion Scheduler: b!remindme Schedule a reminder DM from the bot b!showscheduled shows your scheduled tasks in this, or all channels b!tempmute binding for mute + scheduled unmute b!unschedule unschedule something. SelfAssign: b!selfassign ServerInfo: b!serverinfo Show server information. Credits to Red Discord Bot for their Help Check out b!help for even more commands