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Tetranite, the only bot you need for your Discord Server!

Prefix: t! Library: discord.js Guilds: 169 Shards: 2


Official API

This is Tetranite, a revolutionary Discord Bot for anything and everything you'd need.
We have all kinds of commands like 8ball, music features. chat clearing and getting user or server info.
We will have a lot more to come very soon though, like role assigning and removing.
Some features that have been requested recently also, like self asignable roles and join message/leave message.
Some people also really want join roles for users and bots, so I will be adding that very soon as well.

We have the ByteCoin currency system live!
You can use this system by using the command t!balance or t!bal to see your balance
Currently you can gain points by liking the bot with the button above!
( Make sure you are logged in for this)
t!help currency for help with the commands for the currency system.

If you'd like a list of commands you can invite it to your server today and typet!help then follow the instructions sent in the embed.

If you'd like to see the full list of upcoming features and be involved in the developement process you can join the official support server for Tetranite.